Andrew May is a Professional Member of NAMIR

Oboe Servicing

(also Cor Anglais, Oboe d’Amore & Bass Oboe)

The same work is carried out on all oboes regardless of their level of keywork. More advanced instruments require more time due to their more complex mechanisms.

A service includes the following work as standard:

  • Complete dismantling & cleaning of mechanism, including removal of pins/pinning screws.
  • Removal, cleaning and re-sealing of 8ve boxes.
  • Cleaning of body, including inspection of tone holes and cleaning if necessary*.
  • Replacement of worn key corks.
  • Straightening of bent mechanism*.
  • Re-oiling of bore (wooden instruments only).
  • Check seating of pads and re-seat as necessary.
  • Regulate mechanism to playing order.
Open Hole Student £154.00
Oboe Plateau Keys (i.e. S20) £187.00
Full Gillet System £242.00
Oboe d’Amore Full Gillet System £264.00
Cor Anglais Plateau Keys (i.e. S20) £210.00
Full Gillet System £286.00
Bass Oboe Full Gillet System £POA

An additional charge will be made for the following work if required:

  • Replacement of worn or damaged pads.
  • Replacement of worn tenon corks.
  • Replacement of crook corks.
  • Tightening of loose keywork.
  • Replacement of worn pins/pinning screws.
  • Repair of damaged tone hole bed places.
  • Repair of cracks and re-finishing of body surface.

* If you have had your keywork modified or tuning work carried out, please let me know when dropping off your instrument.