Andrew May is a Professional Member of NAMIR


To keep your instrument in good playing order you should consider having it serviced every 12 to 18 months, depending on how much you play.

With a well equipped workshop I have comprehensive service facilities for both woodwind and brass instruments. To help me give you a better service please call to book a time for work to be carried out. Currently I have a six to eight week waiting list.


Each case is different, so it is impossible to give exact prices without first examining instrument, however as a guide basic service starting prices are listed below.

Plastic Student (ie B12) £88.00
Clarinet Wooden (ie E13, R13…) £110.00
Bass Clarinet (to low Eb) £220.00
Flute £110.00
Piccolo £99.00
Open Hole Student £154.00
Oboe Plateau Keys (i.e. S20) £187.00
Full Gillet System £242.00
Bassoon £264.00
Soprano £242.00
Saxes Alto £242.00
Tenor £242.00
Baritone £330.00
Brass Starting From £66.00

Minimum Charge for minor repairs: £22.00