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And it’s goodbye from him.

And it’s goodbye from him.

Well that’s it. The last day.Andrew May

I’ll miss you all, my customers of the last 10 years. Thank you.

I’ll miss my tools, and straightening rods and keys (this is a big thing, but if you’ve never done it you won’t get it!)

I won’t miss the second-hand spit and smelly cases quite so much.

Or the occasional burns and stab wounds from hot shellac and needle springs.

But I will miss my colleagues, Claire and David, who’ve kept me sane (well nearly!)

It’s not all sad though.

I’m looking forward to a rest (you’re all just SO demanding!)

Andrew May Shop Front © Andrew May 2012I’m looking forward to having more time with my kids and to pursuing projects that have been in my mind
for years.

I’m looking forward to going to concerts without the fear of the instrument I’ve just fixed failing the soloist.

But most of all I’m looking forward to things just being different.

So farewell to you all.

May your musical journeys through life continue to bring you and others great pleasure and joy.

Mar sin leibh!


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