Andrew May is a Professional Member of NAMIR


Andrew MayAndrew May – Double Reed Specialist

Having completed his first degree at Edinburgh University, Andrew May studied for an HND in Wind Instrument Repair at Stevenson College, Edinburgh, graduating in 1998.

He continued his training whilst working in the busy workshop at John Packer Ltd in Taunton, Somerset before returning to Edinburgh late in 2000.

Five years as Double Reed Specialist and Company Secretary at The Wind Section Ltd, Edinburgh, came to an end in May 2006 with the establishment of his Viewforth workshop. After only two years the business outgrew its original premises and in 2008 Andrew moved to his current location in Tollcross in 2008.

Andrew also plays the Bassoon with Stockbridge & Newtown Community Orchestra and is a regular at the S.C.O.’s Scrapers & Tooters weekends. He can be found playing the Bass Clarinet and Bodhrán in various folk sessions around Edinburgh and teaches Bodhrán for EdinBodhran

He is aware of a number of other Andrew Mays who aren’t him!


David MurrayDavid Murray – Flute Specialist

David has worked exclusively on flutes and piccolos since 2005, when he joined the All Flutes Plus repair workshop in London having just graduated from the Woodwind Repair and Making course at Newark and Sherwood College.

Flutes are his passion, be they professional or student instruments, or anything in between. Of all the woodwinds the flute family can easily boast the largest range of instruments both historic and modern and because of this there is always something else to see and to work with.

Even though the modern instrument is basically unchanged since Boehm’s design around 1850, there is a huge variance in the modern flute both in quality and specific mechanisms.

Following a relocation in November 2010, his workshop was based in Fort William where he continued to accommodate the needs of his clients all across the UK for a range of services including minor adjustments, services, full overhauls, minor or major repairs and alterations as necessary.

Now based in Edinburgh, David brings his knowledge and experience to Andrew May Wind Instrument Repair in 2015, perfectly complementing Andrew’s expertise and expanding the range of instruments in which the workshop specialises.

He has also acquired a piano which is mostly working but has a number of broken keys, although they’re rattling about in there somewhere but he’s still negotiating workshop space before he can make a start on that!

When he’s not repairing he quite enjoys shooting arrows, getting out in the hills either by foot or by bike and playing the flute.

There are also quite a few other David Murrays.